Hey you! Yeah, you!! WELCOME =)

My name is Jana Richard and I am the head any only photographer of JanaBelle Photography. (bet you didn't know that. lol) I'm a small town cajun girl who is VERY proud of my upbringing and wouldn't trade it for the world. Being Cajun makes you appreciate things for what they are because nothing is really glitz and glamour being raised around the swamps =) I am currently engaged to a wonderful man who has changed my life forever. I couldn't be more thankful for the things he has brought into my life. For one, my beautiful daughters, Addison & Rhian, and for two, allowing me to fulfill my dream of being a full time Photographer. I started doing photography in July of 2011 as a side job/hobby that I thought would be a great way to make a little extra money. I photographed my very first session, a wedding (what a thing to start with huh?) in July of 2011 and I realized that I absolutely LOVED capturing these moments for people, and it only made the feeling 100x's stronger when I got my first clients reactions to the photos I had taken for them. It's a feeling I just cannot describe. Since April 2013 Photography has become my soul concentration of course along with Ryan, my Fiancé, Addison, and Rhian. My family and photography mean the world to me and makes me who I am today.

For the Future:
I am in hopes that my clientele continues growing through the up coming years. My ultimate goal is to have "regular clients" who comes back time and time again so that I can watch them grow and in turn they receive work that they love. I hope to also have a home studio and possibly grow to be able to have a partner or partners one day.